Svetlana Scherer.
ALÀBRIGA PR Director and creator of this blog

Passionate about art, fashion, travel, discovering new places and meeting new people, I started this blog to share my passion for the art of hospitality with all of you. My background is fashion journalism, probably you will notice this in my posts, but ALÁBRIGA and our stunning surroundings will always be a focus. I know the story of ALÁBRIGA from its very beginning. I remember how every detail was selected, designed and developed, and how finally this fascinating project has become a reality. So my blog will probably be a declaration of love to the beautiful country we live in, to the stunning ALÀBRIGA project, to wonderful people that I work with and encounter as hotel guests. Hope it will be an exciting experience for you as well! Look forward to hearing your feedback!

Svetlana Scherer
2021 year