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Artichokes in celebrity chefs ´kitchens

The artichoke is considered a Mediterranean delicacy, and many restaurants feature this vegetable in their winter menus, as winter is the artichoke harvest season. Renowned Spanish chefs are well aware of the many possibilities that this product provides, and artichokes are part of the “haute cuisine” during winter months.

El Prat de Llobregat, located on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​has recently become a real capital of artichokes, but Benicarló, a city by the sea in the autonomy of Valencia, has gone even further – a special celebration with an awards ceremony is held here annually. This year the Golden Artichoke was awarded to celebrity chef Raoul Resino, who managed to highlight this vegetable in his new 2022 gastronomic menu. Worth a try just for that reason

Restaurante Raúl Resino
Ajuntament de Benicarló

Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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