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Cocktail bar in Cadaqués

The summer season with its magical nights is very close, and a good cocktail on the very edge of the waves can come in handy. Especially if the bar’s regulars were Salvador Dali, Richard Hamilton, Man Ray, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Kirk Douglas… and this is not a complete list.
The Boia bar is a historic place in Cadaqués that transforms into Boia Nit during summer nights. This mixological paradise is run by Manel Vehi, who was professionally shaped behind the bar counters of El Bullí, Tickets and The Aviary.
Keep in mind, making a choice will not be easy. His most famous cocktails are Pura Vida, Acapulco, El Chapo or travel-inspired Gin Kontos. Or you can pay homage to the city by ordering Sex in Cadaqués, the Costa Brava or Anai dedicated to Cadaqués! The choice is yours!


Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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