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Disfrutar – 2* Michelin

Disfrutar – 2* Michelin, #5 in the list of the world best restaurants.
This is the place where you want to take a break, get away from the ordinary and completely surrender to enjoying the art of haute cuisine, discuss incredible taste discoveries, marvel at the technology of non-alcoholic paring and express your admiration to the Oriol Castro Forns and Eduard Xatruch Cerro for a unique 4-hour gastronomic adventure.
If you come here with your “gastronomic” friends, the meal itself will become the centre piece of your conversation and will definately stay in the memory until your next Disfrutar experience.
Dress-code tip: for lunch, smart casual is fine, for dinner you can add a little glamour to your outfit;)
So make your reservation and enjoy!

Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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