Do you agree that painting can be a rewarding or even mind-and-soul-healing experience? Would you like to give it a try? ALÀBRIGA invites you to create your own talisman painting in a genuine artist’s workshop. In just three hours, you can produce a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Whether you come alone or with family and friends, this experience is perfect for those seeking a unique gift idea or looking to unwind and destress. This exciting activity is offered in collaboration with JUDÁ Art Gallery and is available through ALÀBRIGA’s Guest Experience Department.

To learn more, speak with our concierge Victoria at 872 200 600, and check out on Instagram for a real-life video.




Starting February 10, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam hosts the largest-ever exhibition of works by Johannes Vermeer, a 17th-century artist from the Dutch city of Delft.

Of the 37 paintings attributed to Vermeer, 28 were brought from seven countries and assembled in the halls of the museum.

Do not miss the opportunity to admire these wonderful works filled with incredible colours, light and human emotions!



Sergey Perelekhov – young classical guitarist (born 1997), internationally considered the “future of classical guitar”, winner of more than 40 international guitar competitions.

• Welcome cocktail in the Galatea Hall
• Concert in the Galatea Hall (two parts with a short break)
• Dinner at the Alàbriga restaurant (optional)


Concert: 40€/person

Concert + dinner: 85€/person

Reservation required: 872 200 600
Free parking at the hotel.

EventsHotel Alàbriga


Let´s make this Halloween a lot of fun with our CRAZY HAT Party!
You may come in a Halloween costume or not, but show us your creative side wearing a
”crazy“ hat! We´ll have a Mr. & Mrs. Crazy Hat competition with prizes. It will be a lot of fun!

20:00 Welcome drink in the GALATEA hall. Start of the kid´s programme
20:30 Gala Dinner in the Terra Restaurant. Greeting by the Master of Ceremonies.
Animation programme during the dinner
Election of Miss Crazy Hat & Mr. Crazy Hat
22:30 Disco

Adults: 80€/person
Children: 40€/child (up to 12 y.o.)
Previous reservations are necessary: 872 200 600
Free parking at the hotel.


International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child is a day dedicated to specific issues and threats faced by underage girls in different countries. It was proclaimed by the UN in 2011 and is celebrated on October 11th. This was done to draw attention to the social problems and inequalities faced by girls living in economically disadvantaged countries. Among these issues are opportunities for education, good nutrition, health care, social rights, protection from discrimination, violence and forced marriages in childhood.
Three weeks ago, ALÀBRIGA took part in a charity event in support of the Colores de Calcutta Foundation. Colores de Calcutta is a Spanish NGO that, since 2006, has been running a collaborative program aimed at providing health care and education for young people, especially girls, in one of the largest and most densely populated marginal areas of the city of Calcutta (India), called Pilkana.

Сolores de Сalcuta


Save the date – April 23, 2022

April 23rd marks one of Cataloña´s favorite holidays – St. George´s Day, or la diada de Sant Jordi. Here it practically equals to Valentine´s Day when the girls give the guys books and receive roses in return.
This holiday is also famous for its traditional sweets and pastries, which we certainly recommend trying.
– Bread of St. George with four red stripes in the cut, resembles the Catalan flag. It doesn´t carry any dyes, only fillings: sobrasada, walnut and Emmental cheese.
– Saint George´s cake. This cake originated in the beginning of the twentieth century and consists of sweet layers with different types of cream. The shape of the cake is reminiscent of a book. It pairs perfectly with a glass of cava.
– A lot of pastry shops, such as La Pastisseria Barcelona, prepare rose-shaped cakes. We also recommend trying Jordi Roca´s Rocambolesc, as every year he comes up with something new to celebrate this special day.

Author: Julia Chesnokova
Telegram: Chesnokova.News


ALÀBRIGA Christmas Market!

Christmas Market Exhibitors: ceramic designer Olga Makieva

Doesn´t seeing those lovely creatures bring the sweet memories of childhood and the excitement of getting ready for Christmas and New Year holidays?  Designer Olga Makieva has a very poetic explanation for her inspiration: “Apart from the artist and his world, there is another powerful force that creates the magic of the ceramic art- it is the clay interacting with fire. And when those forces come together, the emotional charge, which is the essence of the designer ceramics, is born.” 

Designer pieces by Olga Makieva will be part of the ALÀBRIGA Christmas market display.  And we are sure that any person who will take those lovely pieces into his hands will feel love, warmth and emotions that the designer puts into her work.


Montsoriu Castle

If you are driving to France on AP7 from Spain, you can´t miss the sight of Montsoriu Castle proudly rising on a hill. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Catalonia. And if you wish to take a closer look at it, now is the right time!
First, it is located in the Montseny Nature Reserve. The area itself is so beautiful that it has become a must-visit for the nature lovers, hiking fans and those who just want to hide from the scorching summer sun in the shade of tall trees and next to the cool mountain streams.

And second, the castle has a rich history filled with many secrets and legends. It would be great to arrange a guided visit! In addition, the views of the area are just breathtaking and look great on the photos.
The first mentions of the castle date back to 1002, although there is evidence that people inhabited this area as early as the 4th – 3rd centuries BC. During the 11th and 12th centuries, the castle was the residence of the viscount family of Girona, and later became the seat of the influential and powerful Viscounts of Cabrera. At this time, it becomes not just a castle, but a magnificent and, moreover, impregnable palace. However, in the XV century due to the change of owners, the castle began to lose ground. Besides, progress in the firearms resulted in the loss the castle´s strategic importance.

Nowdays the castle is kept in a very good shape due to the massive restoration work started in 1993 which is still on.
For those of you who have an irresistible desire to visit Montsoriu Castle, here are some important tips. Remember that it is located on a 632 m high hill and cannot be reached by car. You can leave your car in the parking lot, from which a well-marked rocky path leads to the castle. It will take you 4o minutes to get there. It is very important to wear good hiking shoes and bring enough drinking water with you. Enjoy the walk!

by Aliya Sati


Magic of Fire and Light

Have you been to Olot, the capital of the Garrotch Volcanic Park? It is located among extinct volcanoes, four of which are located directly in the city!

A trip to Olot can and should be combined with a visit to the famous Lluernia Fire and Light Festival, held annually in November.
Within the framework of the festival, 50 installations are created in the most significant places in the city, whose protagonists are fire and light. Immediately after the sunset, the city illuminates by the magical light of spotlights and candles, which you can admire until the midnight. City residents and its guests are invited to travel various routes to see the ephemeral light installations, as well as attend performances, exhibitions, and workshops for adults and children.

Last year, due to the pandemic, the festival was extended to 43 days, and the number of facilities was reduced to 20, all located outdoors. However, this did not stop everyone from enjoying the fabulous atmosphere of the event. This year the festival will take place from November 12th to 28th. So, save the date! And we, at ALÀBRIGA, are ready to arrange your visit with a professional guide or just give you the tips to visit on your own!

by Aliya Sati
photo Olga Kalinovskaya

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