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Girona Flower Festival “Temps de Flors”

Do you know that May is the best time to visit Girona? After all, it is in May that the Temps de Flors flower festival takes place here, which has been held annually since 1955.

At this time, narrow streets, medieval squares, numerous bridges and historical and cultural monuments of the city are decorated with installations of flowering plants. Flowers are everywhere and the air is filled with the scent of spring! The whole city is rejoicing, and restaurants and cafes are developing a special “flower menu”.

This is truly the most colourful festival in Catalonia! This year it will take place from 8 to 16 May. Be sure to include it in your “must visit list”! We, from the Hotel, can arrange your guided visit!

by Aliya Sati
photo by Olga Kalinovskaya

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