Gastronomy & Wine

Groceries from the farmers´markets

As any region, the Empordà, where our hotel is located, has an abundance of its locally grown groceries. Vegetables, fruits and nuts, that are typical for the region, make the basis of traditional local dishes. They are all seasonal, so you can appreciate them if you here in the right season. Chestnuts can be found in a variety of dishes here, including desserts. Cabel escarole salad, often served plain with little salt. Girona apples have four varieties: golden, red gourmet, gala and Granny Smith. Salsify, a sweet vegetable from Girona, is very common in local cuisine. Eggplant bonica is found everywhere, such as on escalivada toast. Sweet white pepper is similar to Bulgarian (bitxo de Girona). Favorite variety of onion grown locally in Figueres . Local beans (Fesol de l’Ull Ros), their production was restored. Same as hazelnuts from La Selva, black turnips and pear-shaped tomatoes.

Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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