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Let´s make this Halloween a lot of fun with our CRAZY HAT Party!
You may come in a Halloween costume or not, but show us your creative side wearing a
”crazy“ hat! We´ll have a Mr. & Mrs. Crazy Hat competition with prizes. It will be a lot of fun!

20:00 Welcome drink in the GALATEA hall. Start of the kid´s programme
20:30 Gala Dinner in the Terra Restaurant. Greeting by the Master of Ceremonies.
Animation programme during the dinner
Election of Miss Crazy Hat & Mr. Crazy Hat
22:30 Disco

Adults: 80€/person
Children: 40€/child (up to 12 y.o.)
Previous reservations are necessary: 872 200 600
Free parking at the hotel.

Hotel Alàbriga

Design ideas based on Catalan basket weaving

The inspiration for this impressive “roof” in ALÀBRIGA´s garden is traditional Catalan basket weaving. This craft is still very popular in the area, though many contemporary designs favour decorative aesthetics over function. Catalan basket makers see it as their mission to preserve their craft, especially when it can be turned into stunning design ideas. Basket weaving festival is held annually in Salt.

by Svetlana Scherer
photo by Alenka Slavinec

Hotel Alàbriga

What’s in a name?

We are often asked what the name ALÀBRIGA stands for. The answer is: the name ALÀBRIGA comes from the ancient Phoenician word meaning “fortress under the sun.” We have inherited this beautiful name from the hotel, which was located here in the 60s and 70s. By 2017, the hotel was completely refurbished and  it was a start of completely new life for ALÀBRIGA. Today, the hotel resembles a white ocean liner moored in the clear waters of one of the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean. Welcome on board!

by Svetlana Scherer
photo by Alenka Slavinec

Home Suites

Seduction continues…

Real jewels of our hotel collection – Penthouse Suites are the natural choice for those for whom luxury is a way of life. Hopefully, these photos give you some idea of just how beautiful and well-organized the space is. In any case, staying in a two-level penthouse with 150 m2 of living space and 150 m2 of the roof terrace, you will definitely appreciate the noble interiors, the sunlit living-room, cozy bedrooms that give the feeling of “home sweet home” and all other amenities that make your life totally carefree.

The roof terrace, with incredible views of the bay, is one of the most photographed areas of the hotel . Here you can sunbathe or relax in the shadow under the sea breeze. In the evening the terrace becomes the background for elegant and romantic candle-lit dinners. In our experience guests inevitably want to extend their stays in these fascinating surroundings. Join the club !


Lobby Bar = Lovee Bar

Love the image?  This is our LOVEE Bar [LAH-vee] that you immediately get when you enter the hotel. Perfect for a cup of aromatic coffee, or a glass of wine, or a shot of whisky…or whatever else suits your taste and imagination. Exquisite Mediterranean cuisine may be discovered at the hotel restaurant TERRA (seen here in the background).

Photo: Alenka Slavinec

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