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In vino veritas

In vino veritas

Winemakers, sommeliers and all connoisseurs of fine wines! Valuable info for you: ALÀBRIGA is starting a new project related to the wine culture. In the new season, we will set up a program of acquaintance with the best wines from different countries. It will be a club where winemakers and sommeliers will introduce us to the full range of best wine experiences. Our plans very well coincided with the new project of Forbes Russia magazine, which invited us to the presentation of the 100 best wines of Russia that was held for the first time in Moscow.
Forbes Russia and ALÀBRIGA have been business partners for several years now and we are happy to create new projects together. We hope that Spanish winemakers and Forbes España will not miss this chance to internationally promote Spanish wines! Follow our news!

Deputy CEO Forbes Russia Marina Matytsina
PR Svetlana Scherer
Marketing Yuriy Tolmachev

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