International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child is a day dedicated to specific issues and threats faced by underage girls in different countries. It was proclaimed by the UN in 2011 and is celebrated on October 11th. This was done to draw attention to the social problems and inequalities faced by girls living in economically disadvantaged countries. Among these issues are opportunities for education, good nutrition, health care, social rights, protection from discrimination, violence and forced marriages in childhood.
Three weeks ago, ALÀBRIGA took part in a charity event in support of the Colores de Calcutta Foundation. Colores de Calcutta is a Spanish NGO that, since 2006, has been running a collaborative program aimed at providing health care and education for young people, especially girls, in one of the largest and most densely populated marginal areas of the city of Calcutta (India), called Pilkana.

Сolores de Сalcuta

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