Barcelona Gallery Weekend

September 15-18 were exciting dates in the Barcelona art calendar – Barcelona Gallery Weekend opened up the new art season in the city. September is traditionally the month of art around the world, and BGW annually marks the start of the art season in Barcelona. Today it is the first and most significant city event aimed at art lovers.
It was four days of exciting gatherings – opening of exhibitions in 32 galleries, meetings with artists and curators, poetic walks around the city, tours of the galleries. Until the end of October, exhibitions in all the galleries are open to the public.
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photo: ADN Galeria – Vista exposicio Indignades – María María Acha-Kutsche


Anna Bova

Before we start describing the works of Anna Bova, we should introduce the artist herself. Anna is a versatile artist creating paintings, sculpture and mosaics. Anna was born in the Crimea, but was professionally educated in Moscow. Later she moved to France where she has been living for 15 years now. Our exhibition features her works on paper, stone sculptures and ceramics. We admire her desire to work with versatile materials using old and new techniques. Her work is always an experiment where the material itself aquires special significance.


Anja Wuelfing Art

Anja Wuelfing (born 1969) lives and works in Cologne, Germany. At the initial of her career, Anja worked as a graphic designer for various advertising agencies. After she gained enough experience, Anja has founded her own agency “Planet Pixel” (now “Weigelstein”), with the majority of clients from fashion and music industry. Several years ago she shifted her focus to painting. Anja’s works are a mix of the works of old masters with infusion of modern painting. We admire the vibrant colors and unconventional artistic approach of her works.


LE GRAND ÉCART Group Exhibition

As a renowned art hotel, ALÀBRIGA Hotel & Home Suites is currently providing its premises for the art exhibition “Le Grand Écart” organized by the Gallery 0.10  (Germany).  The idea behind the collaboration between ALÂBRIGA and the Gallery 0.10 Hotel is to create a new international art venue on the Costa Brava, which will host regular exhibitions of contemporary art.

Gallery 0.10 presents seven international artists working in different genres:

Anna Bova (UA/FR)

Felix Büchel (DE)

Katharina Gierlach (DE)

Bastian Hoffmann (DE)​

Lilo Netz-Paulik (FR/DE)

Arseniy Shuster (RU/DE)

Anja Wülfing (DE)


GRAND OPENING: Friday, December 3rd,2021, 7:00 pm 

DURATION: December 4th, 2021 –  March 31st, 2022


Exhibition can be visited free of charge. Address: carretera de Sant Pol, 633, 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols


Gallery 0.10​​​​​

Iren Tonoian

+49 177 297 3009


The City like a Canvas

Before 5 years ago, hardly anyone heard about Penelles, a small village with a population of 500. It is located in the province of Leida and is surrounded by fields where local farmers grow corn. But now, it is annually visited by tens of thousands of tourists. What brings them here?

Walking along the streets of this tiny village is an art walk. You are totally unaware what might appear in front of your eyes at the next turn. Almost all the buildings in this village are adorned with the visions of some extremely talented graffiti and street artists. Even the interior of the Church of Penellas is decorated with a piece of street art!

Currently, Penellas boasts 112 works of graffiti art. They are located on the walls and the steps of the residential and office buildings, on the warehouses and fences. Very soon twelve new creations will be added to this collection. Through the month of May, the 6th Gar Gar Festival will take place here. If you decide to visit Penellas and see the so-called street art with your own eyes, please send us a photo of what inspires you.

by Aliya Sati


Absolutely amazing!

Spanish freediver Ariadna Hafez performs underwater tango!
The performer made about 600 dives in five days of rehearsals, spending one and a half minute under water for each take (dive, dance, ascent) in the deepest pool in the world “Y40” (40 meters deep) near Padua, Italy. The spectacular video was created by Bastien Soleil (France).

Ariadna Hafez 

based on


Diamonds to fall in love for…

Messika, the jewelry firm that challenges traditional jewelery codes and allows women to be what they want: cool, retro, punk, bohemian, conservative, powerful, passionate, discreet, extrovert, masculine, feminine, classic or ultra fashionable … or, why not all that at once! More than ever, Casa Messika sees women as the most inspiring muses. Kate Moss, Messika´s brand ambassador, is the best example. Sensuality, femininity, desire are the words that serve as Messika jewelry mantra.
Come and discover the Messika collections in its new store at Paseo de Gracia, 66 in Barcelona.

Text and photo: courtesy Messika Jewelry



Meet Oksana Mas – a contemporary artist and creative visionary whose work includes paintings, graphics, sculpture, mosaic and photography. She creates timeless masterpieces in search of a single spiritual code for humanity.

The project we are talking about today was first presented at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013 as part of the GLASSTRESS exhibition. Oksana Mas has created a unique series of sculptures from car engines covered with Murano glass. The high temperature partially melts the solid metal, and the “liquid” glass fills the voids, making up an organic whole. The concept of the project implies that the power of human thought and prayer can work miracles. It all depends on how strong and sincere the desire is.

Oksana’s works have been sold at Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Phillips auctions, are presented in museum and private collections such as the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, BREUS Foundation, Deutsche Bank Collection, Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Capital Group Art Foundation and many others. Oksana Mas lives and works in Spain.

A collection of works by Oksana Mas will be presented at the exhibition of the ALÀBRIGA hotel starting in April.

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