Magic of Fire and Light

Have you been to Olot, the capital of the Garrotch Volcanic Park? It is located among extinct volcanoes, four of which are located directly in the city!

A trip to Olot can and should be combined with a visit to the famous Lluernia Fire and Light Festival, held annually in November.
Within the framework of the festival, 50 installations are created in the most significant places in the city, whose protagonists are fire and light. Immediately after the sunset, the city illuminates by the magical light of spotlights and candles, which you can admire until the midnight. City residents and its guests are invited to travel various routes to see the ephemeral light installations, as well as attend performances, exhibitions, and workshops for adults and children.

Last year, due to the pandemic, the festival was extended to 43 days, and the number of facilities was reduced to 20, all located outdoors. However, this did not stop everyone from enjoying the fabulous atmosphere of the event. This year the festival will take place from November 12th to 28th. So, save the date! And we, at ALÀBRIGA, are ready to arrange your visit with a professional guide or just give you the tips to visit on your own!

by Aliya Sati
photo Olga Kalinovskaya

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