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Meet the master mind behind the hotel concept!

Valeri Scherer is one of  ALÀBRIGA´s principal shareholders. He is a man of diverse interests and talents. It was a mixture of his entrepreneurial spirit, fascination for art and design, as well as his experience with great Spanish architects, like Oscar Tusquets Blanca, that led him to creating ALÀBRIGA´s concept and bringing it to life.  Though… there was another important detail – as an experienced international traveller and head of a large family, in ALÀBRIGA, Valeri realized his dream of ideal family vacation. As a true perfectionist, Valeri has been supervising all the hotel design and construction processes. Attention to detail is his usual approach. And it shows! Our guests immediately notice the impeccable quality of all the materials, fabrics and furniture, as well as “creative practicality” of all the hotel spaces. Valeri always thinks big. For him, ALÀBRIGA is only the first step – a launchpad for bringing the ALÀBRIGA brand and philosophy to the most attractive spots of the Mediterranean. We are looking forward to hearing your news, Valeri!

Foto: Katia Shtina

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