Montsoriu Castle

If you are driving to France on AP7 from Spain, you can´t miss the sight of Montsoriu Castle proudly rising on a hill. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Catalonia. And if you wish to take a closer look at it, now is the right time!
First, it is located in the Montseny Nature Reserve. The area itself is so beautiful that it has become a must-visit for the nature lovers, hiking fans and those who just want to hide from the scorching summer sun in the shade of tall trees and next to the cool mountain streams.

And second, the castle has a rich history filled with many secrets and legends. It would be great to arrange a guided visit! In addition, the views of the area are just breathtaking and look great on the photos.
The first mentions of the castle date back to 1002, although there is evidence that people inhabited this area as early as the 4th – 3rd centuries BC. During the 11th and 12th centuries, the castle was the residence of the viscount family of Girona, and later became the seat of the influential and powerful Viscounts of Cabrera. At this time, it becomes not just a castle, but a magnificent and, moreover, impregnable palace. However, in the XV century due to the change of owners, the castle began to lose ground. Besides, progress in the firearms resulted in the loss the castle´s strategic importance.

Nowdays the castle is kept in a very good shape due to the massive restoration work started in 1993 which is still on.
For those of you who have an irresistible desire to visit Montsoriu Castle, here are some important tips. Remember that it is located on a 632 m high hill and cannot be reached by car. You can leave your car in the parking lot, from which a well-marked rocky path leads to the castle. It will take you 4o minutes to get there. It is very important to wear good hiking shoes and bring enough drinking water with you. Enjoy the walk!

by Aliya Sati

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