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The Olive Story of the Salar d’Arbúcies

Today we would like to brief you on Salar d’Arbúcies olive oil that is manufactured in the town with the same name. Its history is quite unique. Thanks to the support of the Agro-Department of Catalonia, as well as of some European organizations, a team of growers carried out a series of genetic, agronomic and ecological studies of the olive trees. As a result, they were able to select one tree, which later became the ancestor of the Salar d’Arbúcies variety, which is now produced in the region declared a UNESCO reserve. The oil is very fruity, and its aroma is described as complex, crunchy, bitter and fresh. It can often be found in restaurants and gastro shops on the Costa Brava. The history of its creation and production adds special meaning to its taste : good olive oil should be slightly bitter.

Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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