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Unfiltered local apple cider

Girona native Marc Fuyà is one of Hidenori Futami’s neighbours in the Pals area. Both settled here to fulfill their lifetime dreams. In the case of Marc Fuyà, this is the production of unfiltered cider that he makes under the brand name Sidra Serps.
In many ways, Marc is a person outside of mainstream. He quitted his designer career to persue a completely different path – to study and mix different varieties of apples and create a natural, healthy and environmentally friendly drink. Sidra Serps has all these qualities. Another of Marc´s goals is to restore local varieties of apples that were previously lost as a result of industrialization.
Interesting that Sidra Serps bottles have special labels explaining specific features of each of the varieties.

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Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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