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Espai de Peix gastro in Palamos

Despite the abundance of luxury hotels and golf courses, Costa Brava has been a fishing region for centuries. And it still is…
The fishing capital of the region is the port city of Palamos. It is on its shores that the famous Palamos shrimps, the main delicacy of the Costa Brava, are caught. Every evening fishermen´s boats call at the port of Palamós to unload their catch and sell the shrimps at the auction. Anyone can watch how the auction goes, and this is a truly fascinating process: boxes of fresh shrimp drive along the tape, buyers place bets, bargain and leave satisfied with their purchase. Visiting the auction is one of the initiatives of the Palamos Fishing Museum, which, by the way, occupies a former warehouse.
And you can try the catch nearby, in the gastrospace Espai de Peix, where every weekend there is a culinary show with a tasting of everything that can be caught in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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