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Finca Bell Lloc Design Winery

You won’t find another winery with such a unique design as Celler Brugarol. Designed by a group of architects from Olot, Finca Bell Lloc winery is built entirely underground. Very little natural light enters the room, so the wines are stored in a dark and quiet environment.
Brugarol wines and sparkling wines have been awarded various prizes and awards for quality, craftsmanship and the absence of additives. The cellar hosts wine tastings, corporate meetings, as well as events related to art, landscape and social inclusion.
As you slowly walk through the labyrinth of metal beams, using only a small lantern to guide you, you will be surprised at how beautiful and unique the winery is. You can book a visit to the winery through our concierge. The winery is only a 20 minutes’ drive from our hotel.

Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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