The City like a Canvas

Before 5 years ago, hardly anyone heard about Penelles, a small village with a population of 500. It is located in the province of Leida and is surrounded by fields where local farmers grow corn. But now, it is annually visited by tens of thousands of tourists. What brings them here?

Walking along the streets of this tiny village is an art walk. You are totally unaware what might appear in front of your eyes at the next turn. Almost all the buildings in this village are adorned with the visions of some extremely talented graffiti and street artists. Even the interior of the Church of Penellas is decorated with a piece of street art!

Currently, Penellas boasts 112 works of graffiti art. They are located on the walls and the steps of the residential and office buildings, on the warehouses and fences. Very soon twelve new creations will be added to this collection. Through the month of May, the 6th Gar Gar Festival will take place here. If you decide to visit Penellas and see the so-called street art with your own eyes, please send us a photo of what inspires you.

by Aliya Sati

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