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Heura Foods

We are proud of the Catalan entrepreneurs! Local plant-based meat startup Heura raised € 4 million in 24 hours through a crowdfunding campaign on the Crowdcube platform.
Heura Foods startup was created by entrepreneurs Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños in 2017 and managed to triple !!! its turnover in 2020 due to the rapid growth in demand for vegetable meat.
“This is a big step in the history of Heura Foods today,” the company said in a statement. “We have just increased the maximum amount to 4 million euros, so if you want, you still have time.”
It also means the opportunity to create your own community of “good rebels” and allow its fans to become shareholders with a minimum investment of only 20 euros and a maximum of about 50,000 euros.
Heura is building a community that will drive the sustainable nutrition revolution.
The company plans to launch four new plant-based products this year and expand the brand to even more international markets. Their products are already being sold in France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chile, and more recently in the UK, Italy and other countries.
Their newest plant-based burger has been named the healthiest in the world, with 64.25% less fat than traditional beef hamburgers and 11.3% more protein per calorie.
By the way, you can also become a “good rebel” and a shareholder in the startup Heura at


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