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Cheese gem of Catalonia

There are many products that Catalonia can boast of. Cheese is definitely one of them.
Small home-made dairies are numerous here. For some people, the pleasure of tasting cheese is greater than that of tasting wines and spirits. But why compare when you can combine?
La Xiquella Cheese Farm in Val d’en Basse was started by Oriole Rizo in 2015. He produces incredible artisanal cheeses from raw cow and sheep milk. Cheese is Auriol’s passion and many of its products have the Girona Excellent Agrifood Quality Seal, among other distinctions.
La Xiquella cheese can be found in some gastronomy shops in Barcelona, such as ARTiSANA in the Old City or Nova Galiza in Eixample. But seeing the production with your own eyes and hearing the history of the dairy from its founder is much more interesting.

La Xiquella

Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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