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Natural wines in the vicinity

New trends in the world of winemaking resonate in the hearts of many, and natural wines are a vivid proof. One of the neighbours of our hotel in the Empordà region is Rafa Camps, a philosopher, wine maker and part-time representative of other winemakers. He was introduced to the world of natural wines in 2013 by famous Chef Rafa Peña.
In his company, La Natural, he, by his own admission, wanted to combine what brings pleasure to the body, mind and soul. According to the philosopher Rafa, wine is inextricably linked with the earth, it nourishes and carries a significant ritual and social component. He expressed all this in the motto: Be wild. Be natural. In his online store La Natural, you can find many local producers and unusual labels with names such as “Invincible” or “White Skin” that have one thing in common: they are pure and well-made natural wines.
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Julia Chesnokova for Hotel Alabriga

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